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Enhancing the Student and Employer experience form application to award.

Digital Transformation system for Universities

Wozzad works in conjunction with your existing systems to deliver a complete student and employer digital experience. Engage with your Students through mobile apps and allow your customers to view student activity via dedicated portals.

3 Portals (HEI, Employer, Student)



Smart Application Forms

Actionable Marketing Intelligence

Online Payments

Reduce approval time

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Engage with

students & employers

Wozzad provides three dedicated online portals for each vital stakeholder, as common with  Apprenticeship/CPD courses:

  • The University or Education Provider

  • The Student

  • The Employer

This three way engagement design was built from the ground up to cater for the changing needs between Education Provider,  Employers and Employees.

Trusted, reliable, safe


processed applications

(Sep 2018 - Sep 2020)


Employers using Wozzad to approve their staff

(as of Sept 2020)


faster at processing employer funded courses

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Attendance monitoring


Allow students to self-check in to their lectures by using their mobile device. Compatible with Apple iPhone and Google Android, our attendance app can be used stand alone, or integrated to your existing app.


Three factor Authentication is used reduce fraud.


  • GPS Location of device

  • Bio-metric authentication (FaceID, Touch ID) 

  • PIN entry displayed in class or virtual class

Advanced fraud detection and early warning flags ensure students that need help get it and those not attending are flagged. 


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Our intelligent Application Forms mean the student will only ever complete 1 application form, regardless of how many modules or short courses they are taking.

Wozzad Smart Application Form will 'mash' together all required sections into just one form, reducing repetitive data entry to speed up this process. 

Furthermore, it will remember key data fields for their next application, including their Student ID, to ensure quick application entry.

Smart forms for superior student experience

Actionable Intelligence

With Wozzad, you are presented with a wealth of analytical data to help resource planning, such as:

  • Which employer takes longest to approve

  • Top 5 geographical areas for recruitment

  • Which intake dates are most popular

  • Conversion rate for applications

  • Which modules students require to achieve an award

  • Top 10 most subscribed courses

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Integrate existing systems

Wozzad is 100% Cloud based. Our systems can be integrated to any University System that has an open channel, meaning we can talk to:

  • Student records systems

  • Timetabling

  • Data driven websites

  • Other cloud apps (bksb, Capita Pay360)

  • Oracle or Microsoft databases


Our customers include

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All Universities are different. We build our system and workflow around your Institution's business processes. Wozzad is fully bespoke to your needs, adapting for:

  • Apprenticeships

  • CPD Employer Funded Courses

  • Non UCAS Entry

And, Wozzad also