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Helping universities
manage their
CPD health
pre-student journey

What is Wozzad?


Wozzad is a cloud platform that simplifies the process for NHS Trusts, local councils, and other health care employers to purchase or commission courses from higher education providers.

Wozzad manages the whole pre-student experience, meaning we take care of everything until the student physically walks through your front door.


Over 200 NHS organisations are using Wozzad

Some of UKs largest NHS Trusts use Wozzad to commission and manage their health care professionals. Below are just a few:

  • Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

  • University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

  • Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

  • Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Solent NHS Trust

  • North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

  • Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

  • University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

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Top 5 reasons why universities use Wozzad for their Health CPD pre-student journey

Reduces application processing times.

Wozzad has dramatically reduced LSBUs application processing time by 800% during our first 2 years. Main reason: All applications must have funding approved before application is forwarded to LSBU for processing.

Enhanced NHS trust experience.

The Wozzad NHS trust portal is designed in conjunction with NHS trusts to meet their CPD training demands. NHS trusts trust Wozzad and its university partners to deliver.

Improve student recruitment.

The Wozzad Platform allows all our NHS trust or non-NHS partners to search and apply for any course with just a single click, removing any time consuming barriers.

We understand CPD Health applications.

Having worked with universities on CPD health for over 15 years, we understand the application complexities that exist in CPD health. We know about NMP forms and the need for DMPs, we know what is required for Return to Nursing applications and understand what is acceptable and not for NMC credited courses.

Reduced application queries.

The applicant can self manage their application as they receive SMS texts and emails that update their application status.

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Who is on the Wozzad Platform?

Brick Buildings



Over 200 NHS Trusts, CCGs & CPENS
Over 110 local councils and GP Surgeries 
Over 600 other organisations such as: TFL, Network Rail, GSK Skanska, Telefonica


Over 45k post-reg nurses have applied through Wozzad
Over 55k post-reg credit bearing CPD health applications
Over 7,000 non-credit bearing CPD health applications
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Tackling the main

problems during the pre-student process.

  • Application forms

  • Funding 

  • Student queries

  • Recruitment

  • Bespoke courses

Application forms are not fit for purpose for complex courses like NMP (V100 or V300)

Wozzad allows unlimited application forms for all your modules, meaning you can ask very specific questions which is only relevant to that module.

Administrators are spending too much time chasing Trusts for Funding approval

Applications are always sent to the relevant NHS Trust first before ever reaching the university. For the Trust to approve the application, funding instructions must be included.

Student queries is taking a lot of resource and leading to bad student experience

Applicants self-manage their application. SMS texts update the applicant on where the application is currently at. Applicants then know who to contact if there is an issue.

Some of our courses are not full, we need more applicants to make the course viable

All NHS Trusts and related organisations on the Wozzad platform can view, at a glance what courses are running in the immediate future. Universities can then 'broadcast' what availability they have to all employers on Wozzad.

A major Trust needs a bespoke course

We make it extremely easy to create bespoke courses on your prospectus and to limit the applicants to a single employer only. It takes less than 10 minutes to set this up.

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How does Wozzad work?

(Simplified, so you get the gist quickly)

Step 1

Health care professional finds a course they like through the Wozzad online prospectus.

Step 2

Applicant completes & submits the application form which is tailored to the module(s) chosen.

Step 3

Application is sent digitally to the NHS Trust that employs the health care professional.

Step 4

Employer reviews the application. Approval is granted and funding information is added to the application. Applicant is alerted via text to notify the application is with the university for processing.

Step 5

University approves the application, accepts the funding details and issues an offer to the applicant. Emails and SMS texts are sent to both applicant and employer.

Step 6

Joining Instructions are then automatically emailed to the applicant which contains all the information they need to enrol or set up their IT access accounts.

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