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Apprenticeship Application and Employer Management

Streamlined apprentice application process with employer engagement

The Apprenticeship application process is complex for both apprentices and employers to understand. The Wozzad Apprenticeship Application Launch Pad module can help ease the process for parties.


Making full use of the Student and Employer portals, each step of the application process is clearly defined and communicated via SMS, Email and their dedicated portals. 

Only vital information needed to progress to the next step of the application is provided, so apprentice and employer are not overloaded with information they don't need yet.

The system is designed to minimise work required by administrators and encourages self-management through clear transparency, for example, the apprentice is informed that the application is held up by the employers' missing Employment Contracts, leading the apprentice to drive this stage of the process.

Wozzad Modules


Optional Modules


Key features

Detailed Apprenticeship Prospectus

Make is easy for your applicants to search for the right Apprenticeship Programme, based on Standard and Faculty.

Unlimited number of Application forms

Capture all the information you require for each apprenticeship programme, including right to work, passport scans and GCSE English and Maths certificates.

SMS and Email communication

Applicants are alerted by SMS Text as well as email. It is proven that engagement with SMS is far more effective

Simple step-by-step process

Initial engagement to employer is simple and quick. Only relevant FAQs are shown to avoid information overload.

Apprentice 'driven' applications

For each stage of the apprenticeship application process, both apprentice and employer are alerted the next steps, meaning outstanding items can be driven by the other party, thus reduce chasing by University administrators.

Employer Approval Portal

Each Employer you work with will have their own online portal where they can manage the entire application and submit any missing documents to the University.

Student Self-Management Portal

Each Student making an application will have their own dedicated online portal to track application process.

Customised Apprenticeship Workflow

Wozzad will be tailored to your Apprenticeship application business processes to ensure your internal processes are adhered to.

Automated Joining Instructions

Applicants are automatically sent joining instructions when they are accepted onto the apprenticeship programme.

Manage required documents

Reuse uploaded documents from employers of future apprentices, making the application process quicker.

Powered by the Wozzad Online Application and Management Platform.

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