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Employer focused

Apprenticeship launch pad

A dedicated Employer launch pad for Apprenticeships

Allow both employers and employees to apply for apprenticeships. The Apprenticeship launch pad is a streamlined workflow designed to allow the apprentice to drive the application with their employer.

For Employers, recruiting an apprentice that complies with the UK Skills Funding Agency regulations is a complex process.

Wozzad's launch pad workflow is designed to only provide the relevant information to progress to the next step. This 'just in time' ethos is proven to provide a greater engaging user experience as applicants are not bombarded with excess information and tasks.

Total transparency is provided each step of the application process, meaning the applicant can see if their employer has yet to upload the required information to the University.

Key features

Dedicated Apprenticeship process

Just in time application process

Apprentice driven approach

Missing document management

Necessary information is drip fed

Existing CPD clients on same portal

Simple step-by-step Apprenticeship application process

  • Designed for busy Employers to approve their employees for Apprenticeship programmes

  • Only relevant information is offered 'just in time' to avoid information overload

  • Employers are 'educated' each step, such as UK Skills Funding Agency requirements


Outstanding items are visible to both applicant and employer

  • Applicants can view quickly what is required and push their employer to submit the correct information

  • This reduces applicant enquiries to the University as the bottleneck can be clearly identified

  • Existing documents can be re-used providing they are still valid, e.g. annual insurance certificates and health & safety policies

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