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Monitoring App


Self-Attendance via mobile devices with red-flag detection

Without the need for any additional hardware for your classrooms, the Wozzad Attendance Monitoring Application allows students to self-register (or check-in) via their iPhone and Android devices.

The system utilises the devices' GPS location and timestamp. This data is then compared to where they should be and at what time. Further analysis can then help identify trends and patterns, as each self check-in will carry authentication method and installation ID of the app, meaning suspicious activity can be red-flagged.

Each student will have their timetable uploaded to the app and for each lesson, self check-in is only active 15 minutes prior to lesson start.

Students also have the ability to warn the University of non-attendance, such as a doctor's appointment. This helps the lecturer to plan lessons based on expected numbers.

Upon check-in the app will continue to poll the GPS location to ensure the student is in the class for the entire duration, and not just the start.

Key features

Student to self-register

Red-Flag alerts

Employers can see attendance

University can identify trends

Advance warning of absence

Uses Bio-metric Authentication

GPS data for duration of class

Integrates to University timetables

Administrators and Employers can view student attendance

A simple view of each students' attendance and overall attendance record via the University Management Portal and Employer Portal.

Details of Installation ID and type of Authentication can be accessed here to identify fraudulent check-ins.


Student self check-in with fraudulent detection

By downloading the app from Apple App Store or Google Play, students can see their timetable data and self check-in either with password, finger-print or the more popular FaceID from Apple.

Fraudulent detection includes comparing Unique installation IDs for each check-in and the type of Authentication, bio-metric or password. With this data, we can determine on which installation of the application was the check-in completed on.

This means we can identify devices that has multiple check-ins and alert the administration team, as this suggests students checking in for others.

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