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Smart Customised


Build customised workflows to match your business processes

The Wozzad Smart Customised Workflow is designed to streamline your business processes into a manageable and  controlled workflow. Workflows can be based courses, administrators, payment types, contract types and another other application condition.

Wozzad Customised Workflows can cater for every eventuality and condition. Workflow triggers can be activated through 3rd Party applications like Student Records Systems or Payment Gateways.


What ever your personnel team and business process, Wozzad can be tailored to fit. From sending applications to the correct administrator to covering administrators on leave, Wozzad's role based Workflow will always match your internal processes.

Key features

Workflow based on team skills

Workflow based on course type

Workflow based on location

Workflow based on payment type

Workflow based on external triggers

Totally customisable workflow

Your processes mapped

  • Forward applications to the correct team member or user role group

  • Request payment if self-funding and send student payment link

  • Forward to Finance team if PO number is included in application

  • Request Student Records to create a new Student ID if no duplicates are found

  • Send Joining Instructions or alert student by SMS if changed

  • Make a conditional offer and request applicant for further documents

  • Request signed documents

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