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Dedicated Online

Branded Prospectus

Make is easy for your applicants to find courses

The Wozzad Dedicated Prospectus is designed to make applications simpler. By integrating into the approval process, course capacities are shown in real-time as places are taken.

Prospectus content is easily managed through the Wozzad Content Manager. Make real-time changes depending on market demands and ensure your content is effective through Google Analytics tracking.

Turn courses on and off systemically to encourage certain intake dates to fill first. Edit in real-time course details such as: course descriptions, prerequisites, assessment type, venue, attendance dates and accepted funding types. Our prospectus is completely customisable to what you want your applicants to read - and all course descriptions are audited for CMA compliance.

Key features

Branded with your logos and colour

Separate courses by Faculty

Categorise courses by subject  

Show available dates and spaces

Pop-up box for important info 

Module/ programmes specs


Add your own marketing content and write about your school/ faculty. With your own dedicated URL, this prospectus can be accessed from your own website via a single link.

Add extra tabs at the top to navigate between faculties or schools. As you can see from image, LSBU has chosen to include their Apprenticeships programmes are part of their prospectus.


Course Description Page

Describe your course to applicants. Show what spaces are available, and the intake dates. Applicants can never again apply for a course that is full - which wastes everybody's time.

Include programme and module breakdown, so applications know which programme the chosen module contributes to. Use this to advise students which modules to take to achieve an award.


Use your own prospectus

It is possible to use your own prospectus and still take advantage of Wozzad's advanced features like:

  • Smart Forms

  • Application Integration

  • Customised Workflows

  • Student Portal

  • SMS notifications

  • Automated joining instructions

Contact us today and find out how Wozzad can fit in with your application process.

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