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Employer Management


Dedicated Employer Portal for funding approval & Contract Management

Applicants who are employer funded can select their employer from a list during the application process. Wozzad is currently (Jan 2019) used by over 105 employers, which will continue to grow as more employer funded courses, such as Apprenticeships become more common.

The employer portal allows an applicants' funding to be approved by authorised personnel. This means, before the application ever reaches the University, funding has already been agreed - saving administrator the hassle of chasing payment.

The employer portal is also the gateway for the University to engage with. Reports, chat, student activity and University applications are all manage here. Employers can self-manage their portal and add new users when required.

Key features

Approve applicant funding

Provide PO No. & invoice details

Add notes to application

View University student activity

Create own Budgets

Manage CPD contracts

Expose your courses to other employers

Employers can search quickly and easily your courses and their availability directly from their Employer Portal.

This means employers who have never used your University before, can now view your courses with a direct link to apply.


This extra feature is praised by Employers if a subscribed course is unexpectedly cancelled and the employer is left with budget and a skill gap to fill.

What can the Employer Portal do?

The Employer Portal allows employers to actively manage their employees and payment details for each application. They can:

  • Approve applicants and provide funding details

  • Reject applicants before they are processed by the University

  • View enrolled students

  • View which applications are still in process at the University

  • View attendance records of each class or lecture


Employer questions are appended to application form for faster processing

To speed up employer processing, larger employers will have dedicated departments of line managers for each employee.

Authorisation will be 2 or more levels, meaning each application must be approved by their line manager first before gaining final funding approval by Education Manager. By allowing applicants to define their department or line manager, applications are processed much quicker and workload is reduced at employer. 

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