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Employer Release Notes

June 26th, 2022

1. New Dashboards.

All Employer Portals will now on launch display a dashboard layout. This dashboard shows key information at a glance to help plan your day better. Each box is a Widget and it shows key information.

  • Unread Messages: Number of new messages

  • Urgent Applications: Applications with start date in less than 14 days

  • New Application: Applications which have arrived, but no one has actioned anything

  • Users & Roles: States what roles you’re currently in and who is your Super User within the organisation

  • Sponsor Outstanding POs: Approved applications received by the Education Provider which has an outstanding Purchase Order

  • Quick Reports: Quick access Reporting

  • Last Opened Applications: Your last 5 applications which has been opened.


2. Accessing your Applications

To access your applications, please click on ‘Applications’ on the left navigation bar.


3. Mandatory Purchase Orders

Requested by Universities, when you apply a funding change to an application by clicking on 'Confirm Funding', some funding streams require a Purchase Order Number. 


Upon clicking on 'Confirm Funding', a new pop-up message box will appear. Select the desired funding stream.


Funding Streams that require a Purchase Order Number will now display a drop down option to alert the University if you have a purchase order or not.

Option 1: You have a PO number and you can provide it at this time.


Option 2: You DON'T have a PO number and you will provide one later.


If you are to provide one later, the following will happen: 

  • an alert will appear on your Dashboard

  • an alert will appear on the dashboard of the University Administrator

  • you will have the option to populate the PO number via your dashboard when you received the PO

  • the University will confirm your PO and the application can be processed

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