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Automate Joining Instructions

Accepted students are sent joining instructions automatically

Ensure all your students know where to go, what to bring and at what time. Providing this information to the student quickly improve attendance and enrolment.

Upon acceptance, students automatically receive their joining instructions stating time, date, venue, and what to bring. You can configure as many templates as required, with only personal and class information changing per application. Templates can be based on:

  • Campus

  • Faculty or Department delivering course

  • Enrolment sessions

  • Course type (Undergraduate, CPD, Short Course etc.)

Furthermore, should class information change within 72 hours of start time, a SMS text will be sent out to inform all students.

Key features

Personalised Joining Instructions

Auto SMS if changed within 72 hrs

Unlimited Templates

Student ID appended

Include any special instructions

Include list of items to bring

Define your Joining Instructions

  • Set as many templates are you require

  • Include Student Personal information

  • Date, time, venue and what to bring configured for each course intake

  • Add Google map links, local transport and campus maps to help student

  • Add University T&Cs links and cancellation policies

  • Preview each template to see how it looks to the student


Students can access Joining Instructions via their web app and mobile phone

  • Automatically sends SMS message if joining instructions are changed within 72 hours of start time

  • Student ID is appended to each Joining Instruction

  • Students can see what they need to bring

  • Students can access University maps and other local information provided on the Joining Instructions

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