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What is

Wozzad takes care of marketing, recruitment and student processing before the student physically steps through your front door to start their course. We call this the Pre-Student Journey.

Wozzad is the platform used by Universities, Employers and Employees/Students to search, apply, pay and automate student onboarding. Wozzad links Employers to Universities.

Who is on the Wozzad Platform?




There are over 1000 employers on the Wozzad Platform. 

  • over 120 NHS Trusts (SE & South of England)

  • over 25 CCGs

  • over 90 City Councils

  • and 100s of engineering, law, construction, finance and other institutions

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Over 150,000 employees and student applications and counting

What does Wozzad do for universities?

Increase Recruitment

The Wozzad platform has in excess of 1000 employers who all have a proven track record of buying courses from universities. Employers can easily search for courses from your university via their own web portal. Wozzad links employers to universities.

Save Time

Wozzad will reduce application times by streamlining your application workflow by up to 80%. Typically, applications from NHS trusts can take up to 8 weeks, with Wozzad, this can be cut down to 2 weeks. 

Reduce Application Queries

After each stage of the application, the applicant is automatically sent a message via SMS or email updating their application progress and keeping them informed. 

Save Resources

If an application is funded by an employer, the applications will not reach your admissions team till funding is approved and if required, with a valid PO number. This saves time chasing funding authorisation.

Reduce Application Errors

Rigorous application form validation and mandatory uploads ensure all information needed by the university is supplied, with T&Cs pre-agreed.

Detailed Analytics & Marketing

Learn about your employer behaviour and decide if extra promotion is required to drive sales. Focus your marketing budget on areas that actually need it.

Wozzad is primed for NHS commissioned Health, Midwifery & Social Care courses.

CPD Health is how Wozzad started

Wozzad started life as LinkEX back in 2008 with London South Bank University, managing their CPD health contract with their London NHS Trusts. This quickly grew to include other London Universities. Today, we have managed in excess of 65,000 NHS related course applications with our partner universities.

We now have over 14 years of experience dealing with NHS trusts across London and SE of England. We understand all the various application requirements for NMP and Return to Nursing that comply with the latest requirements from the NMC. 


Over 120 NHS trusts, 25 CCGs and 90 City Councils use Wozzad to Commission their Health and Social Care courses through our partner universities.

If your university offers health & social care courses to NHS trusts, Wozzad is the only solution for you. 

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Our roots are in
CPD health and Midwifery

Wozzad is a
Cloud Platform

No university IT resources are required

What's included in the box?

Online Prospectus

The university will get an online prospectus so applicants can apply for their course. This prospectus updates in real-time with capacity information, so no student can ever apply of the course is full. The prospectus is updated and maintained via the university portal.

University Portal

The Wozzad online portal is the heart of your system. Here you manage applications that already have funding approved. You go through a bespoke workflow to progress the application until you ultimately either offer them a conditional offer, an unconditional offer or application is rejected. 

Employer Portals

When the university joins the Wozzad Platform, your entire prospectus is visible to all our employers via their portal. Any applications to your university can be funded easily and quickly. 

Student Portals

All applicants are provided with a username and password to access their portal. This encourages self-management and provides an audit of any action taken during the application process.  

Communications Engine

After each key stage of the application, automated SMS or emails are sent to the applicant to keep them informed. After course acceptance, joining instructions are automatically sent to their student portal.  

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What version of Wozzad do we need?


Ideal for smaller institutions who need the core features of Wozzad to manage their employer funded course applications. This version is on a Pay as you Go format with no upfront costs.

Single School

Designed for Universities to use Wozzad for a single school only, such as Health or Engineering with no more than 100 courses. This is perfect for universities who is growing their CPD or Postgraduate business.


For universities who need all the advanced features of Wozzad including customised workflows, multiple school access and unlimited number of courses with over 2000 applications per year. This version is for universities that want to grow their employer related business on the Wozzad Platform.




Annual Licence Fee

Per Application Cost

Access to Wozzad Employers

Number of Schools

Number of Applications per year

Prospectus features

Basic Prospectus

Enhanced Prospectus

Own prospectus URL

Allow Programmes (e.g. B.Sc)

Max. number of courses

Real-time capacity updates

Real-time course updates

Application Forms

Number of application forms*

Postcode Address Lookups


Bespoke Workflow*

Number of Admin Staff

Number of Academic staff

Application Email updates

SMS updates

Automated Joining Instructions*

Required Documents management

Checklist auditing


Detail Reporting Engine

Bespoke reporting*


Standard Budget

Allow Self-funders

Custom Budgets 

Mandatory POs

Online Payment prior to application*

Custom Integration

Connect to Student Records*

Export to finance systems*

Online Payment gateways*

Employer Management

Analysis of Employer Engagement

Employer messaging

Student Management

View Student activities

Add/edit Student attached documents


Email Support (1 week turnaround)

Email Support (24 hr turnaround)

Telephone / Teams support


Onboarding Training (remote)

Onboarding Training (onsite)*











Single School












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* Subject to additional bespoke development or travelling costs