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NHS CPD Contract


Managing your CPD Contract with the NHS

Wozzad supports the complex NHS CPD contract reporting requirements, including concepts such as Swaps, banked, undefined projects and bespoke study days.

Wozzad has a strong history managing one of the largest Health CPD providers in the UK, London South Bank University's NHS CPD contract. Based on the now famed 'Schedule 1B' document from the NHS Commissioning Portal, Wozzad can manage students and agreed commissions by integrating into Student Records and ensuring each NHS Trust, CEPN or CCG is connected to Wozzad - via their employer portal.

There are over 105 NHS related organisations using Wozzad to manage their relationships with the University.

Key features

Commission based reporting

Trusts can view current spend

Undefined projects supported

Part-funded places supported

NHS Trusts self-manage via portal

Automated trust detailed reports

Trust can approve funding based on remaining commission

For each application arriving at the NHS Trust or related organisation, the CPD administrator can select the funding type for that applications. These can be:

  • NHS CPD Funded

  • Part Funded

  • Invoice

  • Custom Budget (trust defined)

Validation rules like mandatory PO numbers and contact information ensures that when the application reaches the University, that funding and invoicing is clear.

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