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Applicants expect online payments as standard

It is now expected that students can apply and pay for their course immediately, without having to wait to receive an invoice. An immediate payment will reduce time required to chase payments.

If a course requires certain academic prerequisites, payment can be requested once student is accepted onto the course. Only when payment is made, is the place confirmed.

Refunds and cancellations will be handled by the payment provider without your organisation having to store sensitive credit card and personal data.

Payment Reports are itemised with student ID, student name, payment amount, course code, academic year and intake code. Any other information can of course be reported.

Key features

Accept payment online

Pay on Application or Approval

Supports Part-Funded

Use your own payment gateway

Itemised applicant payment report

Finance Team integration

Using your existing payment provider

Wozzad can integrate into your existing payment provider assuming online API's are available. This allows all funds to go directly to your accounts and reports will be provided to your finance team for reconciliation.

Using Wozzad's built-in payment gateway

By using Wozzad's payment system, funds are stored in your client account and transferred to your account monthly. Itemised payment reports are provided for total transparency.

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