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Reporting and 


Create any report you need to analyse performance

Wozzad out of box includes 10 reports, that include application numbers, contract values, intake statistics and many more. All reports are available when you need them with access controlled via user roles.

Any customised reporting can be created by the Wozzad development team. What ever you require, if the data can be accessed, we can report on it.

Sensitive reports can be set up to be accessed by certain personnel. This protects your sensitive data from staff that does not need access. 

Automated reports can be sent out via email weekly or daily based on your preference. 

Key features

10 built in reports

Reports can be customised

Reports can be emailed

User access control

Reports can be exported to Excel

Reports easily accessed

All reports can take parameters, such as Academic Year or Course Codes, so you can compare data with different parameters.

Reports can be view on screen, for quick access, or download to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

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