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Application Forms

Capture the right information every time for any course or module.

The Wozzad Smart Application form is a powerful and completely customisable application form that can encapsulate every question you need to ask for every course type and applicant type.

All Wozzad forms are 'generated' as options are selected, meaning, our Smart Forms are responsive. For example, if the applicant has selected 'Self Funding' as an option, the required set of questions are appended to the application automatically - meaning the student only ever has to complete 1 form.

Shopping baskets are supported, by 'mashing' all questions together into one form, further enhancing the student experience.

Key features

Unlimited number of forms

Supports Uploads

Any question, any answer

Employer questions included

Strong Validation checks

Dynamic Form Builder based on selected options

Employer questions included

A main advantage of using the Wozzad Application Forms is the ability to append Employer questions to any application.

This speeds up the approval process as the employer has all the right attachments and funding details required to approve the applicant.


Very Specific module related questions

Not all module applications have the same questions. This is non more so than Health, where a module like Non-Medical Prescribing requires very specific questions and uploads from a Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP). Mentorship and Return to Nursing modules follow a similar unique question set.

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