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SMS and Email


SMS and Email updates for applications and attendance

Wozzad will alert the applicant/ student of any changes to their application or attendance details.

It is a known fact that Email communications are not as effective as SMS. On average, we can receive up to 50 emails a day, so people tend to only 'skim' messages or postpone reading them completely.

SMS's are more engaging as we tend to receive fewer SMS messages than email. The 'from' number can even be customised to a 11 character name, such as 'UniOfHerts' which removes doubt that SMS is genuine.

Email communications are still used to distribute joining instructions, offer letters, alerting Employers that an application has arrived for approval and any other changes to the application. 

Student Emails

  • Student starting a new application, with URL link to continue with application

  • Application arriving at Employer for Approval
  • Application funding rejected or approved by Employer

  • Application accepted and forwarded to University

  • A change in session date (if University needs to 'swap' start dates)

  • Conditional offer, including conditions such as certificate uploads

  • Application accepted or rejected

  • Offer letter with T&Cs

  • Joining Instructions

  • Alterations to time or venue of class

Key features

Status alerts on SMS

Email alerts to University

Email alerts for Employers

Joining instructions alerts

Change of venue/ time SMS alerts

Use your own SMTP Email Server

Employer Emails

  • Applicant has arrived for approval

  • University has had to change dates of course and move student to different course

  • Student has been rejected

  • Student has withdrawn

  • Course has been cancelled

University Emails

  • Application has arrived for approval

  • Application needs to be referred to academic

Email templates that you can edit.

There are many email templates that are set up within the system - which can be individually customised if required.

This allows your administrators to create a more personable message and provide relevant details.

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