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Student Feedback after each class or module


Learn what your students think of each class or module

Understanding what your student thinks of the class or module will help your University to improve the student experience and see what you can do better.

Feedback can configured from your own pool of questions which the student can enter via their mobile device or their web portal. Feedback data can be presented in a number of reports and even anonymised if required.

Wozzad feedback is designed to be easy to use, without the need for paper forms. Data can be free text, drop downs, check boxes or rating scales that allows for quick data analysis.

Qualitative data can be reported per class or module if ratings are low, to fully understand the cause.

Quick Student Feedback

  • After each class, feedback is required via a quick entry screen

  • Gamification tactics used based on number of submitted feedback, e.g. if 10 in a row, student is rewarded with a badge

  • Questions are relevant to each class or module, configured by module leader from a pool of questions

  • Only attended students can submit feedback (by use of attendance monitoring app)

  • Students can remain anonymous if they wish

Key features

Different questions for each class

Design own pool of questions

Full reporting engine

Feedback on each class or module

Designed for mobile device

Qualitative and Quantitative data

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