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Student Self Management


Allow students to self manage their application and profile

Applicants are alerted via email, their student portal and SMS at every stage of their application. These digitally connected applicants prefer self management on their own time and in many cases, via their mobile device. The student portal provides information on their application, reducing the need to contact the University. 

The student portal allows the student to quickly fill out application forms by using previously entered data. If they have a student ID with a particular University, this will automatically be appended to their application.

The student can download their latest joining instructions to view any changes to their class, be it time, date or location. They can update their preferred email addresses as it is increasingly common for students to use email that are linked to their phones.

Key features

Status updates in real-time

Appends validated Student ID

View joining instructions

Update personal information

Document Management

Management Application History

What can the Student Portal do?

Every student who applies through Wozzad will automatically have an online account created, this allows them to:

  • Self manage their applications

  • Update personal information

  • Upload documents to support their application

  • Receive joining instructions

  • Manage their SMS preferences

  • View University contact details

  • Manage their course credits and contribute them to Programmes


Transparent Status updates

The exact status of the application is always visible on the student portal and the entire communication history is stored for greater transparency.

All emails, SMS and application status updates are audited and made visible to the student, University and employer (if CPD). All are timestamped and content is visible to establish timeline of events.

Joining Instructions can be accessed from their phone

Students receive all joining instructions automatically on their phone. The student will be informed:

  • Date, time, building and room number

  • What to bring (passport, qualifications)

  • Their student ID

  • Map of campus

  • Administrator contact details if an issue occurs

If joining instructions change within 72 hours of starting, a SMS text will be sent to all affected applicants.

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