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Online Student Records integrated with Wozzad


Manage your classes, students and applications in one system

Store ​all your student data, classes and programmes, timetabling and financial data securely on the cloud with 24/7 access. Wozzad Student Records is designed for education providers who offer non-credit bearing courses where student data is either not required or too cumbersome to be included in their main Student Records System.

Wozzad Student Records is a simple to use system that can capture all your required student data, their programme or course and their timetable. Together with our dedicated online prospectus, workflow and application smart form, this becomes a single system for any student from application to award.

You can manage staff resources, room bookings, room equipment, class capacities and online payments. Certificates can be issued in PDF with unique award ID's to avoid tampering. ID's can then be traced back to the education provider.

Key features

Student records


Classroom resources

Financial and invoice management

Capacity planning

Custom reporting

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