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...offering the best user experience, from application to award.


London South Bank University (LSBU)

The introduction of Wozzad has allowed LSBU to bring together several separate systems into a one-stop shop for applications and contract management that we have never been able to offer. The application experience is greatly enhanced with students being able to create an account and follow the progress of their application online without needing to make contact, giving the student an immediate answer and allowing out staff to concentrate on processing applications.


Our stakeholders have a heightened awareness of their contract spend and can get live reports on from the contract management system. The flexibility of the system reflects the various ways in which different education departments work and can be bespoked according to their internal requirements.


For LSBU as an organisation, the system reflects our commitment to CPPD and workforce development and offering the best user experience from application to award for the student and from commission to approval to outcomes for our stakeholders.  

Claire Nadaf

London South Bank University, Faculty of Health and Social Care

Associate Professor, Principle Lecturer 

London CPPD Health Contract Manager

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