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University Management


Manage all your applicants and users in one simple system

The University Wozzad Portal is the command centre to managing all your applicants. Each team member has a customised view of applicant data depending on user role. For example, team member A only processes non-credit-bearing short-courses. All other applicants for other course types can either be made read-only or hidden from view.

The University Portal includes Dashboards, Reporting, Analytics, Course Intake Summary, Student Information and attachements, User Management, Employer Management, Joining Instructions Management and course prospectus editor.

Special access for Academics and Module Leaders allows applications to be referred by administrators with applicants' details and completed form.

Key features

Approve or reject applicants

Trigger workflow steps

Course capacity (Waiting Lists)

Student History and documents

Alter joining instructions

Reports, Analytics and Dashboards

Your processes mapped

  • Make conditional or unconditional offers

  • Reject application or suggest a new intake session if full

  • View applicant forms and payment details

  • Refer applicant to another colleague

  • View all ongoing and past applications

  • Access customised reporting

  • Access to daily dashboards

  • Add private or public notes to each application

  • Assign new roles to team members to cover absences

  • View student history & attached documents


Manage your Applicants

Easy to use Workflow through action buttons which trigger next workflow step based on application details.

Set up customised 'check lists' which can run in parallel with other team members. Refer the applicant to another colleague for a second opinion or add a private note about the application. 

Manage your Team

Assign user roles and permissions to your team members to cover absences. Create new users quickly and reset passwords.

Allow certain personnel access to reports or ability to alter prospectus content. Users can be split by faculty or application type. For example, the CPD & Apprenticeships team will only process CPD applications, whilst the Undergraduate team, will only access undergraduate applications.

View course summary

Take a birds eye view of each course and see how many applicants have enrolled, applied or are still awaiting funding approval for each session intake.

Track your application rate compared with last year, and understand the funding stream for this course. 

Track online conversion to understand effectiveness of marketing content through Google Analytics.

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