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Instant chat to applicants and employers

Improve engagement by using real-time chat

It is recognised that email correspondence is slow and after a few messages, it becomes hard to track back on previous statements.

Wozzad chat is designed to attached messages to certain objects within Wozzad, such as a students application. Messages attached this way offers relevance and speed of reference - for example, the administrator may not know the email address of the funding approver at employer X, but can still target a message to that person. The message is then in context with that application and remains 'attached' to that application. 

This allows administrators to contact key personnel at employers without knowing their contact details. It also means that messages are sent to the organisation and not to the individual who can be on leave or has already left the organisation. 

Easy chat function for employers and students

  • Administrators can send messages via their University Portal to any employer or student

  • Conversations are attached to Wozzad Objects, such as an Application, a Class or Programme

  • No user information is required, such as email address or phone number

  • Students can seek support by sending message to their course leader

  • Messages via mobile app will appear on the 'locked' screen further enhancing engagement

Key features

Email addresses not required

Group chat

Chat groups based in function

Chats appear on mobile devices

Ideal for student support

Administrator names can be hidden

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