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Online with Wozzad within 14 days

We have made it very easy to get online with Wozzad. Our 4 step process is designed to get you up and running with minimal fuss. Your dedicated Onboarding manager will help and guide you through the entire process.

Our multi-phased approach allows you to add features and customise the system further and mold Wozzad around your business needs.


Import your entire prospectus
Provide us with your entire prospectus (CSV, Excel, SQL Database) and leave the rest to us. Include any T&Cs you wish your applicants to agree to. Once uploaded, you have full access to add, delete and edit any content.


Set up application forms
Your Application Forms are unique to you. Start with our form templates and simply let us know what questions and data capture you require, including file uploads, mandatory or conditional questions and drop down selectors.


Set up your users
Let us know who your customers (employers) are and we’ll create their entire portal and login details. For internal users, simply add them yourself in your User Management Wizard, where you can assign roles to restrict or grant permissions.


Set up your workflow and integrate other applications
Wozzad is fully customisable. Let us know what workflows you require, and we’ll build this for you. To integrate with other systems such as student records, we’ll create the connections and incorporate them into your workflows.
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